Want To Make Passive Income With Your (old) Smartphone?

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Phone Farming: The New Passive Income Stream of 2018


build a phone farm and earn passive income

Free to Join. No investment or deposit needed!

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How Much Can You Earn?

Let’s give some projections so that you can get an idea of your earning potential.



Downline Level Number of Referals Total Revenue
1 5 $ 0.01
2 25 $ 0.05
3 125 $ 0.25
4 625 $ 1.25
5 3,125 $ 6.25
6 15,625 $ 31.00
7 78,125 $ 156.00
8 390,625 $ 781.00
9 1,953,125 $ 3,906.00
10 7,765,625 $ 19,531.00
Total per day: $24,412.00

As you can see, the serious money is being made from levels 8 through 10.

I want to stress these are DAILY incomes, not monthly or yearly.

$24,000 per day translates into $8,700,000 per year!

The problem with me stating these high numbers is I actually lose credibility.

It’s ‘too good to be true’. You know what? I agree! This won’t happen in real life!

Every person is not going to be online for 2 hours every day and refer 5 people who are going to be active.

However, even if I’m FAR off, the numbers are still amazing.

Even if you did 1/100th of my projection you would still be earning $240 PER DAY!

I Want To Start Earning Now

How it Works:

1. Click Here to Register an account for FREE

No investment or deposit is needed!

…because you will earn from the revenue created by ads being shown. More on this later.

Use a gmail to register, not a Facebook account.

2. Then be sure to download the free app “More TV Time Video” App on your Android phone from the PlayStore.

3. Just leave the videos play in the App.
The Link is inside your dashboard when you signup under APP & Earn:

install this app


4. (optional but recommended) Refer friends and family and enjoy passive earnings!

10 Level Deep Referral Levels!


Pics of some of the phones in my phone farm.

I’ve grown it to about 45 phones.

The good news is the new MC video app is available worldwide.

Playing ads pays much more than mining  on small devices.

This will take phone farming to a whole new level, with 10 levels of passive earnings from referrals. 5% per level

I Want To Start Earning Now

How to maximize earnings

  1. You can use as many phones as you like. Setup a Phone Farm!
  2. Refer your friends!

The new MC Android video app is officially released playing videos.

This app was just officially launched in 28th July, so with time, the earnings will increase from more advertisers.

Is it free and no scam?

This is 100% FREE, so if you build a good team with family and friends, you could create a FULL TIME income with this!

And YES you can still earn with ZERO referrals !

The earnings are generated from advertisers showing ads with the videos.

There’s nothing to lose… what are you waiting for?

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  1. 100% Free. No investment required.
  2. Lifetime recurring passive income.
  3. Incredible high potential earnings from the 10-level referral system.
  4. Your only ‘work’ is to play games or watch videos part of the day and referring.
  5. Access to our 25 proven methods which GUARANTEES that you will quickly and easily get referrals.
  6. Every 3 days you get paid with our low $2.00 minimum threshold.
  7. You can do this as your ‘day’ job OR part-time from home.
  8. Personal 24/7 one-on-one support via live chat to ensure your success.
  9. No computer required. You can do this from your smartphone or tablet.
  10. Grow at your own pace or even take a break — you won’t be penalized.

Extra Info About Passive Phone Profits:

To earn from your downlines you need to let it play through 100 ads daily.

I haven’t timed it. I have a phone farm so just leave it run 24/7.


What is Phone Farming?

Get your hands on free or very cheap (old) Android phones, and install the app as described above, and let it run 24/7.

The app will play videos, and ads will be shown. You earn part of the revenue generated by the ads.

If you create a “farm”, ie. 5, 10, 20, 50 or even 100s of phones, you earnings will rapidly increase.

Just make sure you don’t run the phones in your own (living) room, it isn’t wise to have so many phones beaming their signals near you.

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